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Daily Archives: Tuesday August 16th, 2011

  • Experiments with Oscillator Design

    Experiments with Oscillator Design

    The following content is from a very old report of a practical assignment I had to do when I was in my 2nd undergraduate year. It can contain a lot of errors. But here it is copied because information in this report might be helpful to students who just start learning about practical oscillator circuits in Electronics subjects.

    This report has some figures/text directly taken from IC manufacturer datasheets and also from application notes provided with these ICs.

    All the simulations were done using Electronics Workbench V5


    In the following experiments I implemented various oscillators and observed their characteristics. My focus was basically on sine wave generation techniques with TL084 QUAD OP-AMP IC and square wave generation using popular 555 IC.

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  • Lenovo Z370 Dead Display

    Just after 3 weeks of use my brand new Lenovo Ideapad Z370 with Intel core i5-2410 with 8GB of Ram started giving me display problems and blue screens. This happened several […]