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Interfacing TMP101 Temperature Sensor with PIC18

According to Texas Instrument, TMP101 is a two-wire, serial output temperature sensor available in SOT23-6 package. Requiring no external components, the  TMP101 is capable of reading temperatures with a resolution of 0.0625°C.
This is from a project I did in 2008. The given routines measure temperature from TMP101 and output it to the serial port of the microcontroller at one second interval. TMP101 was connected to the standard I2C pins of the PIC18F452 microcontroller used.


#define TMP101ADDR 0b10010010 //Here it's assumed ADD0 is floated

unsigned char i2cBuffer[10];

void main(){

	signed int temperature;
	float Realtemp;

	//DS1337 adress is 0xD0
	TRISC = 0b10011000;
	printf("now intialising sensor\n");
	SSPADD = 9;                         // 100 kHz I2C bus
  	SSPCON1 = 0x08;
  	SSPEN=1 ;                     		// Enable I2C bus
  	i2cBuffer[0]=0b00000001;			//adress of the configuration register

	printf("Reading Cofiguration register...\n");

	if(!GetI2C(TMP101ADDR,1,1,i2cBuffer)) printf("Device Error..\n") ;
		else printf("Config Register is %d\n",i2cBuffer[0]);
	printf("Now writing to the config register\n");
	i2cBuffer[0]=0b00000001;	//adress of the config register
	i2cBuffer[1]=0b01100000;	//data to be written to config register
								//12bit resolution, continuous conversion
	if(!SendI2C(TMP101ADDR,2,i2cBuffer)) printf("error writing to config register\n");

	  	i2cBuffer[0]=0b00000000;	//adress of temperature register
	  	if (GetI2C(TMP101ADDR,1,2,i2cBuffer)){
			//pointer arithmatic to access Word and bytes of a long integer
			*(((unsigned char *)&temperature))=i2cBuffer[1];
			*(((unsigned char *)&temperature)+1)=i2cBuffer[0];
			Realtemp=(((float)temperature)/256.0); //converting 12bit result to correct value
			printf("Temperature is  %0.2f\n",Realtemp);	//sending the data to standard seria output


Download Complete Project: TMP101 Interfaced to PIC18F452

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