8 thoughts on “(English) SHT75 Humidity and Temperature Sensor with PIC18F uC

  1. Please I am trying to adap this code to pic18F14K50 but I am having problem compiling the code. I have my SHT75 data pin on pin RC1 and SCK on Pin RC0 I am using 1 12MHz Cristal oscilator connected to pin RA4 and RA5 and my serial connection to PIN RA0 and RA1. I am using Hi-Tech Microchip MPLAB XC8 compiler Please can you help me. Because I have been troubleshouting the error since but it just not working

    1. Since I don’t have access to any development tool, I cannot help much. But some steps in porting.

      1. Start with skeleton code which just output something as the SHT75 code. Make sure your primary output method (serial terminal/LCD/SSD) works.

      2. Don’t use any delay/serial/clock related routines attached above. Use the routines provided by compiler.

      3. Make sure the pins used in SHT75 codes are set to digital-IO (not assigned to any peripheral). Two LEDs/switches connected to pins can be used to verify this.

      4. Make sure you use the pull-up resistor in SHT75 data-pin.

      5. Now insert the ported SHT75 code to your project with as many as debug codes required (you should identify where the code fail). When compiling turn-off compiler optimization first. May be it’s messing with bit-bang routines in the code. (s_read_byte, s_write_byte)

      6.If you have an oscilloscope you can see the actual timing for communication and would help you very much in debugging.

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