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One thought on “(English) Telia Sweden IPv6 6rd Tunnel with Asus RT-N56U Router

  1. Viktor Ferenczi says:

    Thank you very much for the detailed setup. Just configured it into my N66U router running latest Advanced Tomato. It works like a charm. Connection is Telia fiber.

    Needs to be reconfigured manually on IP changes, however. (It would need some scripting on router side to fix, but it happens only very rarely anyway.)

    පිළිතුරු සැපයීම

ප්‍රතිචාරයක් ලබාදෙන්න

ඔබගේ ඊමේල් ලිපිනය ප්‍රසිද්ධ කරන්නේ නැත. අත්‍යාවශ්‍යයය ක්ෂේත්‍ර සලකුණු කොට ඇත *

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