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2 thoughts on “(English) HP EX490 MediaSmart server: Using a 6TB GPT boot drive in Ubuntu with a non EFI BIOS!

  1. Mike says:

    Great post! You inspired me to move on from WHS 2011.  But I had trouble installing LTS 16.04.  I have a VGA cable (but no ps2).  I started the install from USB but it doesn’t recognize my USB keyboard.  So I was able to install ubuntu using a second computer.  But the installed network card was different.  Any clue to getting the SiS191 to work?

    පිළිතුරු සැපයීම
    • lihiniya says:

      I suggest you try these steps from the second computer.

      Edit your ‘/etc/network/interfaces’ file. Remove everything and add:
      (If this file doesn’t exist you can create it. Assuming you’re using DHCP to get an ip)

      auto eth1
      iface eth1 inet dhcp

      If this doesn’t work change ‘eth1’ to ‘eth0’ from the second computer.

      (I think the name given to each network interface is determine by udev. Perhaps you can remove any udev rules related to interfaces if they are created by second computer.)

      Make sure ssh is working and configured so that you can login via ssh once you switch hard disk to EX490.
      Then shutdown the second computer and move the disk to EX490 and boot. You should be able to log-in via ssh.
      I’ve never used VGA/PS2 with EX490 server and this always worked.
      Others have also done the same:

      පිළිතුරු සැපයීම

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