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  • Using Eigen Linear Algebra Library with Visual C++ 2010 Express 64bit

    Using Eigen Linear Algebra Library with Visual C++ 2010 Express 64bit

    Eigen is a free and open source, relatively fast, very versatile linear algebra library written completely in C++ templates. It is very fast and in some cases produces code as fast as commercial implementations like Intel MKL, AMD ACML etc. The beauty of the Eigen is, it’s completely written in C++ templates and it’s very easy to plug it in to a project compiled with any supported compiler.

    Here I describe the process of how to install Eigen with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express and 64bit compilers from Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1 supporting OpenMP and vectorization with SSE2.  All these tools are free.

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  • Blurring and Unsharp Masking in Java

    This java code loads an image and blurs it using a very simple boxcar (rectangular) blurring method. Then it sharpens the image using unsharp mask technique. for more information on unsharp masking see Wikipedia article.

    Parameters you can play with:

    (left, top), (right, bottom) defines a selection of original image
    usmAmount and usmThreshold defines the unsharp mask parameters
    (boxWidth, boxHeight) defines the small box for boxcar filter kernel

    Please note: This code is written in the C-like procedural manner using java static methods. Apart from loading and saving images using java Image API functions all the processing is done within the code. Therefore the code can be converted any programming language very easily.

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  • Lenovo Z370 Dead Display

    Just after 3 weeks of use my brand new Lenovo Ideapad Z370 with Intel core i5-2410 with 8GB of Ram started giving me display problems and blue screens. This happened several […]